About Malota | Latest Trends in Women's Wear | Spain


Launched in 2017 with the idea of creating a new exclusive accessory for women, the helmets, the new Malota is the result of a strong desire to create a unique and revolutionary concept of timelessness fashion.

Based in Barcelona, María Céspedes Olmo (founder and creative director), is convinced that fashion should always compliment a woman’s essence, and never fictitious:

"Our garments reflect female deliverance and a rebellion against what is imposed. In each piece, you will find an energy of effortless elegance in honor of the women and resilient personalities that most inspire us."


Our daily values are those of attention to detail and integrity, constantly learning and improving techniques.
All of our garments are produced with care by dedicated craftsmen.

We believe in transparency, and our quality is controlled and maintained by nearby production; something that is often missing from fast fashion lines.

We aim to be as sustainable as possible by avoiding the traditional sales and seasons time frame, thus giving importance to each of our pieces, by keeping them available until their final clearance. 

Malota is available exclusively direct-to-consumer online, in select city pop-ups and limited partnerships with relevant retail establishments. Women of all ages can enjoy relaxed and comfortable fits, and oversized garments. Each piece provides either the ultimate anchor to your look, or can be styled more demurely based on the occasion.
For us, this is fashion as it should be beautiful, clean and personal.

We invite you to fall in love with our distinctive creations, and successively, with your liberated- self.